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Creating the Musical Capstones

The "Creating the Musical" Capstone Festival

Students in the Creating the Musical module explore the art of book writing, lyric writing and composition, while also cultivating an understanding of what constitutes effective and healthy collaboration in music theatre. The capstone projects are designed to provide a premiere opportunity for writers to obtain professional mentorship and experience in writing and producing their own musicals. With the support of AMTP, each senior graduating with the module is offered the opportunity to create and present a one-hour showcase of their writing work. The projects were available to stream April 1 – 11, 2021.



Music by Lorenzo Pipino
Book & Lyrics by Theo Janke-Furman & Lorenzo Pipino
Directed by Samara Malik

Change My Mind follows Holly, a young woman working for a doctor who has developed a procedure that allows anyone to fundamentally change one thing about themselves. The story takes place on the day of the final round of the Doctor’s clinical trial, during which Holly is tasked with interviewing the remaining candidates to determine who is most eligible for the procedure. As the candidates’ personalities and struggles clash, the line between personal and professional continues to blur. And while each patient has a very real issue they’re struggling with, the question remains — is erasing the parts of us we don’t like the best way to heal?


Music & Lyrics by John Ertman and Joseph Mathusek
Book by John Ertman
Additional Music & Lyrics by Natalie Pereira
Directed by Freyja Goldstein

Alone focuses on Jack and Mia, two recent high school graduates, who fall in love and are beset by an unexpected pregnancy after their six-month anniversary. Mia must then decide what she wants to do and how to navigate a situation that, while deeply personal, has been corrupted by a community that views her situation as part of a bigger picture. Alone is a show about interpersonal relationships and deals with themes of isolation, fear, disownment, family, and navigating love in tumultuous times.


Book, Music & Lyrics by Mikey Walden, Ruchir Khazanchi, and Emmet Smith
Directed by Autumn Thelander

Dreams, loss, climbing toward the stars on string lights. In the face of an environmental crisis, three grieving siblings are tasked with holding their island and family together. When Lil decides to take drastic action in hopes of finding their mother or at the very least, some answers, the limits of their world are tested.Through collaborative music, words, and movement this heartfelt story celebrates the power of a child’s dreams and the risks we will take to care for our community.


Sophia Danielle-Grenier
, Producer


Ruchir Khazanchi, Writer/Cast
Emmet Smith, Writer/Cast
Mikey Walden, Writer/Cast
Autumn Thelander, Director
Jamie Lipman, Video Editor
Nate Hollander, Sound Designer
Scott Gilmour, Capstone Mentor


Lorenzo Pipino, Writer
Theo Janke-Furman, Writer
Samara Malik, Director
Ben Roberts, Music Director
Libby Hatton, Music Director
Lucy Harrington, Stage Manager
Arianna Staton, Video Editor
Alan Schmuckler, Capstone Mentor

Kate Coffey as HOLLY
Nathan Karnik as RAY
Wilke Macariola as BLAKE
Eli Gottsegen as EDWARD
Olivia Whitmer as DEE
Annie Beaubien as DOC


John Ertman, Writer
Joe Mathusek, Writer
Natalie Pereira, Writer
Freyja Goldstein, Director
Shraman Ghosh, Music Director
Emma Crumpton, Stage Management
Francis Brenner, Stage Management
Natalie Rarick, Video Editor
Daniel Green, Capstone Mentor

Alex Good as MIA
John Ertman as JACK
Maddie Novak as KELLY
Laney Yoo as CASSIE
Andy Hartman as RYAN
Gray Watson as CAM
Lilah Weisman as ENSEMBLE
Declan Collins as ENSEMBLE