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Submission FAQs

Submission FAQs

The application for our 24/25 season is now closed. Thank you to all of the artists who submitted, decisions will be made by the summer.
If you are interested in submitting a project to AMTP in the future, consider the following:
Who/What are we looking for?

Writers and projects that are:
– innovating form and content
– interrogating and celebrating the flaws and beauty of our collective humanity
– engaging with underrepresented ideas and uplifting marginalized voices
– at any stage of development

How do I submit a project proposal?

The one-page application is made available yearly on our website, often in January or February. There is no fee to submit.

What does the submission have to include?

We ask for writer information,  a 10-page script sample, up to 3 demos, and answers to a few questions about the team’s developmental goals.

Can anyone really submit?

Yes! An open submission process means anyone can submit their work, regardless of experience level or agency affiliation. Writers who have applied in the past may resubmit and artists are allowed to submit more than one project if they feel both merit consideration.

How many projects are chosen?

We select up to 3 pieces to develop throughout the following school year, and all artists who submit will be notified by the summer if they have been selected.

And when is the deadline?

The deadline for the 24/25 season is midnight on Thursday, February 1, 2024.